Our Staff


John MacDonald


Founder & Principal-in-Charge

John has a tremendous range of experience, his attitude to collaboration and life-long learning is what makes his leadership unique.


Ashley Jardin

M. Arch, BAS (Hons)

Project Architect

Ashley is committed to socially responsible architecture and she thoroughly enjoys volunteering within her community.


Mila Wiggins

M. Arch, BAS (Hons)

Project Assistant

A native of Waterloo Region, Mila graduated from the University of Waterloo's Master in Architecture program in 2016.


Melhik Gebremichael

M.Arch., B.Comm

Project Assistant

Melhik has a strong interest in affordable housing and architecture that is socially conscious. She enjoys music, art making and traveling.


Matthew Muller

B. Arch, OAA


Matt has a diligent and exacting work ethic that he seamlessly combines with his passion for sustainability and urban planning.


Dee Hopkins

B. Illustration

Assistant to the Practice

Dee revels in going above and beyond for our staff and our clients. Her creative and caring approach brings a personal touch to her work at the office.


Jamil Afana

Ph.D, B. Arch

Project Assistant

Jamil has a broad and diverse experience in both architecture and architectural history. He enjoys traveling and being involved with his community.


David McMurchy

BAS (Hons)

Project Assistant

David is working to complete his master's thesis in architecture at the University of Waterloo. He is a resident of Cambridge, Ontario where he photographs historic architecture in his spare time.


Margaret Santos

BES, B. Arch

Designer & Administrator

Margaret brings creativity into her work at JMA and into her community, through the Festival of Neighbourhoods and as an advocate for walkability.


Julie Perrin

Business Admin

Assistant to the Practice

Julie believes that offering attentiveness and perseverance to tasks as well as compassion and a smile to clients and coworkers creates harmony between both projects and people.


Elyn Lin

M. Arch, Intern Architect

Project Assistant

Elyn enjoys exploring the unknown and learning new knowledge. Her passion is to help communities to be more energetic and active through various of design approaches.


Maria Meli

B. Arch

Project Assistant

Maria with her experience in South America and Europe has brought a sense of creativity, diversity and functionality. She cares about changing the perception of the user with the game of light and materials.