Featured Project: Huron University College Renaissance - Agora Student Centre
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Huron University College Renaissance - Agora Student Centre
JMA continues to provide support for Huron University College in London, Ontario, most recently with the design of two major components of its campus renewal plan: the Student Centre and Civic Engagement Complex. These major elements will add almost 4,000 sm of state-of-the-art classroom spaces, meeting space both formal and informal, and support spaces. The designs renew facilities in critical campus locations, to connect Huron to its community and the natural environment.
“All of us, if we are reasonably comfortable, healthy and safe, owe immense debt to the past. There is no way, of course, to repay the past. We can only pay those debts by making gifts to the future.” — Jane Jacobs Canadian Cities and Sovereignty-Association
“You might say ... that the city is a place for multiplying happy chances and the most of unplannable opportunities.” — Lewis Mumford, 1961
“I am for an art that tells you the time of day, or where such and such a street is. I am for an art that helps little old ladies across the street.” — Claes Oldenburg, 1961